CTU is the best at providing Human Resource Development (HRD) Solutions in the ICT Industry We have an absolute passion for the “Development of ICT Professionals”. Through CTU Recruits and our corporate division it is our mission to bring ICT professionals and companies together. We believe that companies should have a proper skills development plan to optimise the technologies that are deployed. Systematically developing employees to address the skills gap in ICT is the only way to achieve empowered human capital.

Choosing a training provider is no easy task; whether you’re an experienced professional or school leaver.  CTU Training Solutions, the 2013 Microsoft Country Partner Award winner, equips companies and individuals with the right skills and internationally recognised qualifications in IT, Business and Design. CTU also offers corporate training solutions, internships and skills development programmes at any of their 14 campuses nationwide. Choose CTU Training Solutions. Together we develop ICT professionals.

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Accreditations and Partners

Accreditation assures a student that an institution operates on a sound financial basis, has an approved program of study, qualified instructors, adequate facilities and equipment, and approved recruitment and admissions policies. As a student, it also assures you that employers will recognise your qualification as valid.

It also means that all learners can be assured of a quality learning and assessment experience and that the credits and qualifications they achieve through these services will be nationally, and could be internationally recognised, regardless of where or how they were obtained.